The Chosen City of Lolth, Spider-queen Goddess of the Drow. This is her chosen city, teeming with the vicious, crafty, murderous dark elves. Like spider hatchlings, her followers scurry along the winding streets of it's city under the ground, hatching schemes of coups among ruling class family members, fellow merchants, or just anyone who angers you in the darkened alleyways. All the while, the Matron Mothers of the 8 ruling class families vie for the favor of their dark goddess and hatch deals with demons and Lolth's servants for the one thing they respect. POWER

All other races are inferior, but should another possess power, The drow will kowtow until the opportune moment to strike to supplant any other, especially Surface dwellers. However, Raids upon the surface have increased. On the 23rd of Deepwinter, 1372 DR Year of WILD MAGIC, a secret enclave of matron mothers have gotten together to see what has become of their secret cache of weapons in their trade partner city of Sith Morcaine with the help of Allies, mercenaries, and some trusted pawns.


City of the Spider Queen

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